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If you choose to get a free cashless POB ATM and the convenience fee set at $2.00 we will never charge you for supplies and if your machine ever malfunctions we will replace it for free within three days. However, we retain the convenience fee to pay for our processing fee, statement fee and supplies. Anything over $2.00 convenience fee you will keep and pay you around the tenth of the following month.

If you choose to purchase the Cashless POB ATM, your processing fee is $1.50 to $2.00 depending on the number of transactions and locations plus a $10.00 to $12.00 statement/support fee depending on the number of transactions. Anything over the processing fee you keep.

These POB ATM's range from $250.00 to around $450.00 plus shipping depending on if you want to use a phone line or internet. Stands are $35.00. Shipping is not included. Don't be fooled into paying more for the POB ATM because they simply do not cost $595.00 and with a lease you will wind up paying over $1,000.00 plus other companies will charge you more for processing and statement/support fee and supplies. We will also provide you with your supplies provided you are doing at least 100 transactions per month.

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