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How Do Cashless POB ATM's Work

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As shown above, your Cashless ATM POB machine is easy use. It will come to you ready to use. All that is needed is a place to plug into a standard wall plug and a place to plug into your existing phone line. If you are sharing your business line with it you must not be using it when someone wants to use your Cashless POB ATM machine. It is better to share a fax line or have a dedicated line. When a customer is ready to make a transaction using your Cashless POB ATM machine all they do is swipe their card, enter their PIN number, and choose an amount they want to withdraw from their account.

There are several preset dollar amounts that the merchant controls. These dollar amounts are the options you make available to your customers when they use your Cashless POB ATM machine. Most merchants set these amounts at $20, $40, $60, and $70 to accommodate customer's desire for cash back as they spend money with you. All options must be in increments of 10. A common mis-conception about using a cashless atm machine is that you have to keep more cash on hand in order to give cash back to your customers. This is not true since you can reserve it for customer use only and they are using it to make purchases and you give them their change. However, this is a decision you have to make.

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